Alpha E25 Fault

Alpha E25 Fault

Errors indicated by Alpha E25 indicate “Dry Fire”. It happens when a furnace tries to work without water detection or when there is inadequate flow of water for safe heating. This protects the boiler from getting burnt due to lack of water.
Causes of Alpha E25 Error Code

Low Water Pressure: If the system’s water pressure falls below certain levels, it could fail to go through the boiler hence an error code E25.

Broken Flow Sensor: A defective flow sensor would not detect any water even though there is sufficient pressure and will give you a dry fire warning.

Blocked Heat Exchanger: A blocked up or excessively scaled heat exchanger prevents the flow of water, just like a dry fire does.

Airlocks in the System: When air becomes trapped within the heating system, it can cause blockages in its pipes leading to a situation where the boiler senses that there is no water present thus indicating ‘dry fire’.

Fixing Faults associated with Alpha E25 Error Code

Check Water Pressure: Check that your boiler’s pressure gauge displays between 1 and 1.5 bars as normal. When low, bring back pressure into the system based on manufacturers’ guidelines.

Inspect and Clean the Flow Sensor: The flow sensor must be checked for signs of damage or presence of dirt. Don’t try to clean or replace faulty one yourself – call qualified specialist instead.

Flush the Heat Exchanger: In case heat exchanger got clogged or heavily scaled, it needs flushing out or chemical cleaning so that unobstructed liquid circulation returns. For this purpose call only experienced heating engineer.

Bleed Radiators to Remove Airlocks: Sometimes you may have reduced supply because there are some air locks in your system which can be removed by bleeding radiators; so do this if necessary.

Reset the Boiler: Once possible causes are addressed, reset the unit so that error message disappears and see if something changes after turning on again. To know how to do this, consult with your boiler’s manual.

Professional Assistance: Given the multiple parts of a heating system affected in cases of dry fire it is therefore advisable to engage a Gas Safe registered engineer who will properly identify the main cause of E25 error and make any required repairs or adjustments safely.


The Alpha E25 error code implies that the boiler is working or trying to work without proper water supply which may cause damage to the unit and even unsafe situations. This entails checking the pressure levels as well as other factors like flow sensors and heat exchangers that should be looked at closely by professionals for safe operation. Regular servicing of the heater can prevent such issues from happening since it ensures that it operates optimally.