Alpha E34 Fault

Alpha E34 Fault

A low system pressure fault within the boiler is indicated by an Alpha E34 error code. This happens when there is a decrease in water pressure that takes place in central heating systems, making it to be below the minimum level of its operation. It can hamper the functioning and efficiency of boilers which affects the supply of heated water and warmth.
Causes of Alpha E34 Error Code

Leakages in Heating System: A minor leak from any part of pipework, radiators or even boiler parts may lead to loss of water hence low system pressure.

Radiator Bleeding: If air is released from radiators without refilling it with water, it also reduces system pressure.

Faulty Pressure Relief Valve: When the valve fails to work properly, it can cause unnecessary water leakage leading to reduced system pressure.

Recently Serviced or Repaired System: The heating system might not have been repressurized correctly after being serviced or repaired recently.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the Alpha E34 Error Code

Check for Visible Leaks: Inspect your boiler, pipeworks, and radiators for signs of leaks. In order not to lose more pressure repair any leaks discovered.

Repressurize System: Improve upon filling loop provided by manufacturer to reach recommended level specified in technical guidelines (usually around 1-1.5 bar). See boiler manual for detailed instructions on how to do this.

Bleed Radiators: Ensure that all trapped air within radiators is let out followed by another check on system pressure and adjustments if necessary.

Check Pressure Relief Valve: Check if a malfunctioning PRV is dripping continually from its discharge pipe. Let a professional replace a wrong one for you.

Reset Boiler: Once you have dealt with low-pressure issue reset your heater unit so that error code can disappear; then normal operations will restart again.

Professional Help: For cases where you cannot identify why your pressure has gone down or it remains the same despite trying to fix it, call a registered Gas Safe engineer for help. They will conduct a full system examination and rectify all faults found.

Routine Maintenance: Keep at bay, future E34 error occurrences and other problems by having your boiler and heating system serviced regularly by professionals. This will enable you to detect potential issues early thereby ensuring optimal performance of your system.


Alpha E34 error code is an evident sign of low system pressure which people should not hesitate in finding its cause for remedial measures. As much as homeowners can check simple things like refilling water into the system, some situations such as defective components or leaking parts would require professional assistance. Proper maintenance practices are essential in avoiding pressurized related problems and preserving the life span as well as dependability of your heating equipment.