Why You Should Opt For Boiler Cover in Your New Home

Why You Should Opt For Boiler Cover in Your New Home

Moving to a new home is, quite rightly, a time of great hope and optimism. Each bare wall gleams with promise and opportunity. Your new home is a blank canvas, just waiting to be painted with memories and shared experiences with your loved ones. But within each home is the potential for things to go awry. Unknown variables that may cost you a great deal of money and hassle in the future. Like your new home’s boiler. Investing in boiler cover may seem like just another overhead expense. And let’s face it, every household could do with fewer of those right now. However, there are a number of very good reasons why you should consider getting boiler cover in your new home as soon as you move in.

It’s quick and easy to find the perfect policy

You may be loath to wade through dozens and dozens of policies to find a boiler cover plan that suits your needs and budget. The good news is that you don’t have to! Our friends at Switch-Plan can help you find the perfect boiler cover plan to suit your needs. They can trawl through policies from trusted providers to help you to get a level of cover that provides both peace of mind and value for money. You can even get cover to extend to your pipes and electrical wiring, too.

How well do you know your new home’s boiler, really?

Unless you know the exact age of your boiler and have a full service history for it, there’s potential for things to go wrong. Boilers become a lot less reliable when they reach the 12-15 year mark. Unless you know that your new home’s boiler has been well looked after, there’s potential for faults. Or, at the very least, inefficiencies that could see you spend more on your heating bills.

Many boiler cover plans will not only cover the cost of repairs, but also make a significant contribution to the cost of a replacement boiler if it’s needed.

Repairs on a boiler with no cover can be very expensive

You may be wondering whether you can afford to pay the monthly premium for boiler cover. But perhaps you should be asking yourself if you can afford the cost of repairs on a boiler that does not have cover. If something goes awry, repair bills can cost hundreds of pounds. And even with subsidies like the ECO scheme, replacements can be very expensive.

Boiler cover is way cheaper than you might think

You can cover your boiler for as little as a few pounds a month. Let the good folks at Switch-Plan help you to find the perfect boiler cover for your new home. They can even help you to save even more money by finding the perfect energy plan for your property. It’s estimated that the average household could save around £300 per year by switching. Why not give them a call to see how much you could save?