Alpha E50 Fault

Alpha E50 Fault

When your Domestic Hot Water (DHW) temperature sensor has an error code Alpha E50, it means a failure has occurred. The hot water used in taps and showers is monitored by this sensor for its temperature. A malfunctioning or deviated reading from the sensor can cause problems with controlling water temperature which can lead to extremely cold or hot water dangerous to human life.
Causes of Error Code Alpha E50

The DHW Temperature Sensor Might be Faulty: The sensor could itself be faulty or damaged resulting in incorrect readings of temperature.

Issues with Wiring: Inaccurate transmission of temperature data may be caused by problems with connections between the boiler’s control unit and the DHW temperature sensor.

Scale Formation: Where lime scale accumulates around the probe on its surface, insulating it and impairing accurate measurement of water temperature.

Wrong Sensor Positioning: When placed incorrectly within the hot-water system, the sensing device will not give a true reading for the water temperatures.

Troubleshooting and Corrective Measures for Error Code Alpha E50

Examine and Clean It Up: Check whether there are any observable damages or dirtiness on your DHW Temperature Sensor. Proper cleaning of this element might improve its accuracy levels.

Inspect Wire Connections: All wires linking your boiler’s control unit to this specific component must be solidly fitted into their respective terminals without defects whatsoever; if damaged then repair them accordingly.

Descale HW System: If there are reasons to suspect that limescale formation is affecting how this part behaves, you should consider descaling your HW system. This task is best left to professionals who know what they are doing.

Sensor Placement Confirmation: This should be checked according to manufacturer’s recommendation that involves checking positioning of this particular item within your DHW system. Professional help might be necessary when you need adjustments in such cases as well as repositioning them correctly based on instructions given on user manuals.

Boiler Resetting: Reset the boiler after dealing with any possible issues in order to see if error code goes away and normal operation is restored.

Professional Diagnosis and Replacement: In case it keeps occurring or you are not sure about what to do next, it is advisable to consult Gas Safe registered engineers. A professional can ascertain where the fault lies and subsequently substitute for a new DHW temperature sensor.

Regular Servicing: To avoid future occurrence of the E50 code as well as other problems make sure that your boiler and hot water system are serviced by an expert technician on regular basis. This helps spot any pending issues before they become a reality.


The Domestic Hot Water temperature sensor is at fault when Alpha E50 appears, demanding quick action of retaining normal hot water temperature. Although some initial checks and cleaning may be performed by home owners, complex problems regarding the functionality of sensors or descaling systems would generally necessitate professional assistance. Standard maintenance can help sustain optimum system efficiency while averting similar malfunctions.