Vokera A01 Fault

Vokera A01 Fault

The Vokèra A01 error code indicates an ignition failure in the boiler. This fault occurs when the boiler attempts to ignite but is unsuccessful. It’s a common issue that can prevent the boiler from providing heating and hot water, as it signifies that the boiler is unable to start the combustion process.

Causes of Vokèra A01 Error Code

  1. Gas Supply Issues: A lack of gas supply due to the gas valve being turned off, low gas pressure, or interruptions in the gas supply can cause ignition failure.
  2. Faulty Ignition Electrodes: Worn, damaged, or incorrectly positioned ignition electrodes may not spark properly, preventing ignition.
  3. Blocked Burner: A dirty or blocked burner can restrict gas flow to the ignition point.
  4. Flue or Air Intake Obstructions: Blockages in the flue or air intake can prevent the necessary airflow for combustion.
  5. Control Board Problems: Faults with the boiler’s control board can disrupt the ignition sequence.

Troubleshooting and Resolving the Vokèra A01 Error Code

  1. Check Gas Supply: Ensure the gas supply to the boiler is on and that there are no wider issues affecting gas supply in your area. Verify that the gas pressure is adequate for boiler operation.
  2. Inspect Ignition Electrodes: Check the condition of the ignition electrodes. They should be clean, correctly positioned, and free from damage. Replace if necessary.
  3. Clean the Burner: Remove any debris or buildup from the burner to ensure unobstructed gas flow.
  4. Clear Flue and Air Intakes: Make sure the flue and air intakes are clear of any blockages to allow proper ventilation and airflow.
  5. Reset the Boiler: Attempt to reset the boiler according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This can sometimes clear temporary faults and allow the boiler to ignite.
  6. Seek Professional Help: If the A01 error persists after you’ve checked for common issues, it’s advisable to contact a Gas Safe registered engineer for a thorough diagnosis and repair. Problems with gas pressure, the control board, or internal components may require professional intervention.


The Vokèra A01 error code is an indication of an ignition failure, necessitating immediate attention to restore boiler function. While some causes can be addressed through basic checks and cleaning, others, particularly those related to the gas supply and control board, require professional expertise. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can help prevent such issues, ensuring your boiler operates reliably and efficiently.