Ideal Evomax 2

Ideal Evomax 2

The Ideal Evomax 2 elevates the standard for commercial boilers in the UK, building on the success of its predecessor to become the premier choice for wall-mounted commercial boilers. Awarded the Commercial/Industrial Heating Product of the Year at the 2020 HVR Awards, the Evomax 2 stands out as the best-in-class commercial boiler, thanks to its innovative features and enhancements.

Features & Benefits of the Evomax 2:

Updated Controls: The Evomax 2 introduces advanced controls, including a new cascade control option and a built-in non-return valve, enhancing its operational efficiency and safety.

Improved Maintenance Access: Maintenance has been made even more straightforward, with improved access and a lift weight reduced by up to 10%, simplifying installation and servicing.

Enhanced Heat Exchangers: New Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers are specifically designed for multiple boiler cascades, allowing the Evomax 2 cascades to achieve outputs of up to 900kW.

UK-Designed and Built: Tailored for the UK market, the Evomax 2 is designed and manufactured in the UK, ensuring it meets the specific needs and standards of British commercial heating requirements.

Free Commissioning: To ensure optimal performance from the outset, free commissioning is offered with the Evomax 2.

Efficiency and Performance: Featuring a robust cast aluminium silicon alloy heat exchanger, NOx emissions lower than 40mg/kWh (Class 6) for all natural gas models, a high 5:1 turndown ratio, up to 99.6% full load efficiency, and up to 110% part load efficiency.

Dynamic Control: A dynamic control menu setup and cascade controls option provide enhanced system management.

Compact and Convenient: With easy servicing due to three sides being removable, a built-in, serviceable flue non-return valve, and the same compact footprint as the original Evomax, it ensures easy like-for-like replacement.

Operational Flexibility: Capable of operating at up to 30° ΔT, offering versatility in various applications.

Optional Kits:

To further customize and enhance the boiler’s functionality, a range of optional kits are available, including multi-boiler frame and header kits, Varican Module Master and Slave kits, extension modules, OPENTHERM Room Control, room and tank sensors, outdoor sensors, safety interlocks, 0-10V pump control, and condensate pump kits. These options ensure that the Evomax 2 can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any commercial heating system, providing a versatile, efficient, and reliable heating solution.