Ideal Evomax 2

Ideal Evomax 2

The Ideal Evomax 2, the best wall-mounted commercial steam generator in UK, sets a new benchmark for commercial boilers in this country. Recently voted as the Commercial/Industrial Heating Product of the Year at the 2020 HVR Awards, it is undoubtedly the outstanding among commercial boilers.
Features & Benefits of Evomax 2Updated Controls: The Evomax 2 now houses different advanced controls such as an option for cascade control and built-in non-return valve to further increase its operational safety and efficiency.

Improved Maintenance Access: This has been achieved through enhanced accessibility during maintenance and a reduction in lifting weight by up to ten per cent which makes installation and servicing easier.

Enhanced Heat Exchangers: In addition to this our new Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers are designed specifically for multiple boiler cascades enabling outputs of up to 900kW on Evomax 2 cascades.

UK-Designed and Built: Being made in Britain, tailored to suit Britain’s specific needs and preferences, Evomax 2 ensures that it satisfies all UK requirements.

Free Commissioning: Free commissioning is offered with every Evomax 2 so as to ensure optimum performance from day one.

Efficiency and Performance: It has got a strong cast aluminium silicon alloy heat exchanger, NOx emissions less than 40mg/kWh (Class 6) for all natural gas models, very high turndown ratio of about five-to-one, maximum full load efficiency of up to 99.6% full rated output efficiency and uo to110% part load efficiency

Dynamic Control: Improved system management through dynamic control menu setup or through cascade controls option

Compact and Convenient: It ensures easy like-for-like replacement since three sides are removable from serviceability including built-in flue non return valve which is easily serviced. Its compactness means that there will be no need for any additional space when replacing the current Evomax.

Operational Flexibility: A versatile ΔT up to 30° enables it to be used in a range of applications.

Optional Kits:

Furthermore, there is an extensive list of optional kits which allows further customization and enhancement for optimum boiler performance such as multi-boiler frame and header kits, Varican Module Master and Slave kits extension modules, OPENTHERM Room Control, room and tank sensors, outdoor sensors, safety interlocks, 0-10V pump control and condensate pump kits. Thus this machine will meet the heating demands of any commercial heating system that can be adapted according to its specifications hence is versatile-a quality that makes it efficient and dependable.